Custom Website vs. Template

The hard part is over. You’ve already done the work, and now you are ready to launch your brand to the world! One small (but huge) detail remains: your website! Do you work with a professional and get a custom website built? Do you pick a template and have a professional help you customize it? Let’s break it down.

Your first option is to custom build your website from scratch! This option gives you creative and strategic control, and is fully tailored with your customer and brand in mind. A professional will strategize all aspects of your website’s page flow, visual design, layout, and overall feel. You will get to make every small decision about what goes in your website and where! You are in control!

Your second option is to choose an already built template, and have a professional customize it to fit your brand. There are countless options to choose from, ranging from simple to complex layouts, depending on your specific needs. Templates are premade, so they are quick and easy, but don’t offer too much creative control. You pick the layout you like and envision representing your brand, and a professional helps plug in your information to that template. Templates offer a cheaper and quicker way to provide web presence for your brand, all with the same high-quality!

At the end of the day, both are incredible options. Figure out your needs and get started! A custom site is going to give you more control over the overall look and feel of your brand, but a template is cost-efficient and will save you time and energy! Either way you will be set to start a new chapter for your business! Good luck!