57% of All Traffic Now Coming From Mobile Devices

BrightEdge, the leading SEO and content performance marketing platform has a new report, according to which 57% of search traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets. This comes as no surprise as the mobile platforms are continuing their trend up as more and more users access the web via their smartphones.

An interesting finding in the report suggests that rankings for many keywords differ depending on whether search was performed on mobile vs. desktop. BrightEdge’s research shows that nearly 80% of keywords rank different on desktop when compared to their mobile counterparts.

This isn’t to say that the desktop is no longer important, indeed most ecommerce transactions still take place on the PC. Problem is that many marketers and brands treat the desktop as their primary area of focus, which is a major misstep. A multi-platform strategy is critical, especially with over 65% of all digital media time being spent on mobile.

These recent numbers demonstrate the importance of having a fully responsive mobile website. Historically, mobile was always treated as a secondary concern, with the desktop version being of primary importance. But now with nearly 60% of all visits coming from a mobile device, and trending upwards, you must really consider your mobile site first. We at WEBMOO create all our websites with the mobile version in mind. Our websites are fully responsive on any device, and always convert themselves to a proper screen resolution depending on where they're viewed. Things like layouts, fonts and menus are always designed separately for the mobile version to ensure them being viewed easily. Contact us today to get your mobile website done right!

For further details and insights, download the full report here.